I am extremely fortunate to work with some incredible people in the real estate industry. Here is a testimonial from someone who runs a very successful business.

I met Sabeena close to 20 years ago as a regular person. Met, impressed and remembered. 10 years ago we reconnected and I have been referring all my Buyers to her. She has “pulled rabbits out of hats’ for me and my clients, always finding a way to get the deal done!

She thoughtfully remembers clients and will call them at intermediate times just suggesting a new product or strategy. She makes me look good as a realtor because I recommended her. Personally, she has become my family’s ‘go to’ person whenever we need more or a different structure of financing. Again, always putting my family first.

Sabeena is quite simply a person and a professional you want on your side.

Sheri Stenson
Realtor REMAX Masters Realty.


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