4 cups of mashed potatoes
1 slightly beaten egg
3/4 cups grated cheese
3 green onions diced.
1 cup frozen mixed vegetables thawed
3/4 cup Gluten free All Purpose Flour
Vegetable oil

cheesy_veggie_potatoes_patties__1_Mix together potatoes, egg, cheese, green onions, thawed veggies.cheesy_veggie_potatoes_patties__2_

Use warm water on your hands when forming balls of potatoes to keep them from sticking to your hands.cheesy_veggie_potatoes_patties__3_Roll in the flour. Pan fry in oil only a few at a time as they are tough to manage. cheesy_veggie_potatoes_patties__4_

The first round that I made this they all completely fell apart because I had too many in the pan. I generously floured them in the pan so they browned nicely and stuck together better. cheesy_veggie_potatoes_patties__5_

My daughter loved these even though they fell apart. She was sitting and waiting for them and ate 3 out of the pan. So together or fallen apart, they were a huge hit and we will make them again.cheesy_veggie_potatoes_patties__6_

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