I was happy to be interviewed recently by Scott Peckford on his national podcast “I Love Mortgage Brokering”. The goal of the podcast is for successful mortgage brokers to share how they have been successful and to provide advice to newer brokers getting into the mortgage industry.

Although the material is meant for mortgage brokers as the primary audience, I thought I would share it here on my blog as well as I have a lot of self-employed clients who might find this podcast helpful in growing their business!

Here is my favourite success quote!

Sabeena Quote

A couple of points from the podcast:

  • Don’t think that someone else could handle your business and create relationships with clients the way you do.
  • Your value proposition to your clients is your level of service.
  • Build trust by being engaged.
  • Hire slowly and fire fast.
  • Selling gets me fired up for the rest of the day while procrastination just gets in the way.
  • Your biggest strength and biggest ally should be your referral sources.
  • A power hour in the morning can launch your business.

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