I realize it might be a little bold to call something legendary when in fact legends haven’t yet been written about it. However I assure you that if the people who write legends tasted this cake, many a story would be told.

This recipe dates back to when I was 13 years old and in Home Economics, I even have the original recipe cards to prove it!

Legendary Carrot Cake

Legendary Carrot Cake (1)

 My father loves this cake so much he asks for it for his birthday and Father’s Day every year.  I stopped making it when the girls were diagnosed with Celiac and I turned my kitchen gluten free. A few years ago I decided to revisit this recipe and make it gluten free! Boy am I (and the rest of my family) ever glad I did. 

The recipe is pretty much the same as the original recipe cards, the only modification to the recipe card is the flour.  I use the same amount of white rice flour or Robin Hood gluten free flour. Also, personal preference, I use less milk in the frosting so that its thick and doesn’t run.

And for cooking time, I find that the temperature is more like bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes until cake bounces back when you touch it.

I recently made this for a friend’s birthday… here are some pictures!

Legendary Carrot Cake (2)

Legendary Carrot Cake (5) Legendary Carrot Cake (6) Legendary carrot cake. Legendary carrot cake.  (1)

I’m not a pro at icing cakes but no one seems to care once they dig into it! Enjoy! 

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