Okay – so this has been a crazy couple weeks for me, the housing market in Vancouver is nuts and I have been meeting with clients non-stop. Finding the time in the kitchen to cook meals for the family has been hard enough let alone taking pictures of my food and writing recipes for my blog! But this is a good thing!

I love being busy and I love working with clients… so if you know someone who needs a mortgage, you know… send them my way, I am never too busy for client referrals!

I was recently introduced to this youtube channel called Tastemade, and a show on there called Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. So instead of sharing one of my own recipes, I wanted to share the first episode where Laura Miller (and her incredible voice) outline a pretty tasty recipe for super healthy kale chips. There are quite a few good looking recipes on this channel, most of which are gluten free.

Now, if Nutritional Yeast is freaking you out a little, here is a link to Bob’s Red Mill Blog to reassure you, or scare you even more… either way!


-1 bunch kale
-1 bell pepper
-1 C soaked walnuts
-1/2 C nutritional yeast
-1/4 C maple syrup
-2 TBSP lemon juice
-1/2 TSP salt
-1/2 TSP cayenne

-Soak nuts overnight and then strain them.
-Place nuts in food processor, add remaining ingredients, and pulse until the entire mixture is fully incorporated.
-Place kale leaves in a bowl, add your mixture, and then massage the mixture into the leaves.
-Spread the coated leaves on your dehydrator sheet or on cookie sheet with wax paper. Dehydrate overnight or bake in oven at 200F until crispy.


Also, I have been told that this recipe also works well if you substitute the cayenne pepper for Sriracha and add minced garlic! But like anything, make it your own!

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