As I am dedicated to my clients and always working on improving my service, I often followup with clients to seek honest feedback on their experience working with me. Here is a recent testimonial I received from some long time clients.

When you decided to work with me, you can expect this same level of service and care.

Testimonial March 2015,

In 2007 my husband and I had our first baby, we were well into a major renovation of his original home and we had just found out we were having another baby. Mitchell was building other people’s houses during the day and trying to finish ours in the evenings and weekends and the money was running out. What were we going to do we had a half finished home that we were living in and a baby with another on the way. He looked at me and said I’ll call Sabeena, I wondered who this Sabeena was that he always talked about.

A week later he finally handed the phone to me and said this is Sabeena she needs to talk to you. I got on the phone and we spoke for a couple of minutes and at the end of the call she said “Kirsty it’s going to be all right” I couldn’t believe that in one phone call someone could take away all my anxiety, stress and give me a warm hug at the same time. Since that day we have never looked back we now consider Sabeena a true friend of ours.

Fast forward 8 years, two kids, three houses and a successful construction business and we still think she is the best decision we ever made. We refer all of our friends and clients that require mortgage advise or financial assistance with their mortgage with huge success.

Sabeena makes our business better.

Kirsty & Mitchell

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