The girls love to watch a ton of DIY shows and convinced me it would be fun to make chocolates on a rainy afternoon over spring break.  Make sure when you’re serving this that no one has any peanut allergies.

1 silicone chocolate mould
8 oz pure sweet chocolate
1/2 oz pure white chocolate.
1/4 cup Nutella (maybe less)

Using a double boiler, melt the white chocolate first.  Transfer to a small cool dish. Swipe your finger through the white chocolate and then swipe through each of the moulds creating a white stripe in the bottom of each mould. Put in the fridge to cool.nutella_filled_marble_chocolates.___14_ (1)Heat 6 oz of the pure sweet chocolate in a double boiler until melted through.nutella_filled_marble_chocolates.___13_Don’t cool. Pour into the mould until all the cups are full. Use a straight cake spatula to level the chocolate and move excess chocolate into the moulds that need it.  Our chocolate mould holds 15 chocolates.nutella_filled_marble_chocolates.___16_Let it chill in the fridge for 2 minutes to set a little. (If you want a thicker shell, keep it in longer).   Remove from fridge and turn upside down over a bowl in order to let the excess chocolate come out.  There should just be the chocolate line along the moulds. Use the spatula to clean the top as we will need this clear for the last step to work. Tap the mould to remove any air bubbles in the chocolate.nutella_filled_marble_chocolates.___12_nutella_filled_marble_chocolates.___11_Put in the fridge and let cool for 30 minutes.

In a ziplock bag, spoon in the Nutella and move it towards a corner. Snip a small hole in the bag as this is how we will pipe the Nutella as the filling.

Once you take the chocolate out of the fridge then pipe the Nutella in the moulds. Remember not to fill the Nutella to the top. We will need room for the layer of chocolate that will seal the chocolate

We used white chocolate for the bottom layer here as we had extra white. Melt it and run a layer over the cooled layer of chocolate.  Use the spatula to even out and refrigerate for another 30 minutes.nutella_filled_marble_chocolates.___6_nutella_filled_marble_chocolates.___9_nutella_filled_marble_chocolates.___10_Pop out of the moulds and enjoy!slack_for_ios_upload

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