I found this gluten free pizza crust at the gluten Free Expo in Vancouver on January 18th. Looking at the packaging, I don’t know if I would have tried this on my own.IMG_1551I knew it was good when I couldn’t keep my daughter away from the sample table. After her 5th sample, I bought a pack just so I didn’t look like I was starving my child. She begged me all week to make some so we made the pizza tonight. Two pizza crusts come in a pack so we made a basic cheese pizza for the kids and a gourmet pizza for us.


The gourmet pizza was amazing and the entire family loved the crust (including my gluten eating, beer drinking husband).

The gourmet pizza as follows~
Pesto sauce
Pancetta (had some left over from the weekend bilges I haven’t posted yet)
Kraft shredded D’Italiano Light

Cheese pizza
Kraft pizza sauce
Kraft shredded D’Italiano light

Out of this world!


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