Happy Wrestling Day! If Christmas Day gets Boxing Day… New Years Day should get Wrestling Day, This makes perfect sense to me.

Did you know that Wrestling Day is actually a civic holiday in Williams Lake BC? The CBC Early Edition interviewed a Williams Lake resident Ann Walsh about how the holiday came about.

You can listen to the CBC Interview here.

“Back in the late 1930s two merchants in Williams Lake looked at the empty streets of downtown … and said, ‘ Why don’t we just shut ‘er down and go home?'” The holiday first became official in 1942.

Each year, at the last city council meeting in December, city council votes on making January 2nd a civic holiday in the town of Williams Lake.

2015 passed with no problems.

So what do you do on wrestling day? Well… according to Ann Walsh, “It’s just a day to sort of sit back, and smile smugly at the rest of the province as they go back to work”.

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